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Travelling exhibition (German/English)

The Children of Bullenhuser Damm Association has put together a travelling exhibition for children and teenagers which can be loaned to schools and public bodies.

The exhibition tells the story of the children of Bullenhuser Damm; the search for their relatives; the annual commemoration ceremonies; the international youth project marking the 70th anniversary in 2015 and the thoughts on the topic of the international group of young people who took part, and it ends with today and the question: At what point does discrimination begin?

The first big Youth Exchange Project about the Children of Bullenhuser Damm took place from April 16-25 2015. Students from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and Hamburg worked together on the story of the Children of Bullenhuser Damm.
© Regine Christiansen

Entrance to the ceremony
© Regine Christiansen

Mark James with a pupil from Poland
© Regine Christiansen

In the rose garden
© Regine Christiansen


Youth Exchange Project Bullenhuser Damm 2015

Explore history, think about the future of remembrance and be part of a youth exchange project. A project by the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial and the Children of Bullenhuser Damm Association

Young people from different countries in Europe have the opportunity to interact and contribute to our European commemorative culture. This will encourage cultural diversity and arouse mutual understanding, respect and tolerance towards other religions and cultures. They will contribute to a merging Europe and recognition of common roots.
The story of the 20 children of Bullenhuser Damm serves as the basis of this project. The students are able to learn to which results discrimination, social exclusion and persecution will lead to in society. The students will do research in their home countries as well as during a meeting in Hamburg in 2015. The results of the international youth project will be presented at the commemoration the 20th April 2015.

All results you can watch at the blog of the Youth Exchange Project:

The schools involved in the project are:

Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven NETHERLANDS

Istituto Comprensivo 9 "Manzoni - Dina e Clarenza" Messina ITALY

Ogólnokształcące Liceum Językowe z oddziałami dwujęzycznymi im. Unii Europejskiej w Radomiu POLAND

Collège Modigliani Paris FRANCE

Fritz-Schumacher-Schule Hamburg GERMANY