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R. Zeller
Unfortunately there are no longer any photos of some of the children from the time before the war, or their relatives have not been found. This photograph is one of the images made by the SS to document their medical experiments. The photos were secured from Dr. Heißmeyer after the end of the war and formed the basis for the search for the children. With the help of a global poster campaign, Günther Schwarberg was able to find many of the children’s relatives.


R. Zeller

Former prisoners compiled a list of the names of the children. This was printed in the book “Rapport fra Neuengamme”, published in 1945. This includes the name of a 12-year-old boy from Poland: Zeller. On the report sheet with examination data for this child, Dr. Kurt Heißmeyer only noted the initials “R.Z.” His first name was probably Roman. Roman Zeller was one of the children murdered on 20 April 1945 here in Bullenhuser Damm. No more is known about this boy. A square in Hamburg-Burgwedel has been named after him since 1995.