The Children of Bullenhuser Damm association
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Dirk Deutekom

*1885 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prof. Gabriel Florence

*1886 in the Alsace, France

Antonie Hölzel

*1909 in Deventer, the Netherlands

Dr. René Quenouille

*1884 in Sarlat-la-Caneda, France

The children’s carers

On this page you will find biographies of the Dutch medical orderlies Anton Hölzel and Dirk Deutekom and the French medical doctors Gabriel Florence and René Quenouille, all of whom were resistance fighters imprisoned in Neuengamme Concentration Camp. They were deployed to take care of the children in sickbay IVa.

They too were murdered here on 20 April 1945 because they had been witnesses to the medical experiments. Unlike the murdered children, their identities were clarified early on in the post-war period because surviving prisoners who had worked with them in the sickbay made reports about them.